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2) Timakova Elena Alexandrovna
Brief biographical information.

E.Timakova - 1998

Elena Alexandrovna was born in 1960 in the family with rich artistic traditions. Her grandmother was a sister of the wife of the artist Vitold Kaetanovich Bialynitsky-Birulia. Her father - Alexandr Frolovich Timakov - graduated from the Surikov Institute of Painting in Moskow, he was a member of the Union of Graphists and worked as a teacher at the faculty of the Academic Painting in Moscow Stroganov School of Painting. Therefore, Elena's choice of profession though being made against her father's will, has been essentially prepared by the artistic spirit of the family.

In 1983 she graduated from the Department of Restoration of Moscow School of Painting named in the Memory of 1905 Year. During the next ten years she was employed as a restorer in the Object d'Art Archive of the Ministry of Culture of USSR (in the area of Troitse-Sergieva Lavra in the former Zagorsk), working on restoration of pictures and icons.

It is worth while to note that Elena's painting is assisted by the musical studies: since 1977 she has played cello in The Chamber Orchestra of Moscow State University.

In 1994 she became a free artist, a member of Russian Union of Painters and of UNESCO Association of Painters. Since then she had 10 personal exhibitions including one in Australia.

Now her works decorate a number of private collections not only in Russia, but also in Australia, Israel, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Norway, Poland, Syria, USA, France, Czechia, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Japan.

Opening of the exhibition at the estate "Chajka", 1998.

Her style can be defined as realistic (Russian) impressionism. In another words, her landscapes reflect the reality not like a photograph, but through her own perception and world outlook. Possibly, this makes her pictures so light, kind, calm and ... somewhat sad.

From the newspapers reviews of her exhibitions:

"Canvases of young Moscow painter Elena Timakova devoted to the native Russian nature involuntarily charm everybody who keep the memory of the virgin Russian province, its still, hearty beauty of each season. ... How sensitively and truly guessed the artist an innermost beauty of the rain-washed herbs, the cornflower-coloured sky, the light breath of earth! In the tumult of our days we somewhat forgot, betrayed this beauty left to us by our ancestors. And Elena's pictures wake us from the nightmare, again and again returning the memory of childhood, of the first curative meetings with the Russian forest, the expance of fields and meadows, warmth of the sun-heated earth. The peculiarity of the artist's talent is light, transparent painting, clear fresh colors, the delicate structure of landscapes and still lives, in the violin-like music of the order of the pictures..."
(Lev Diakonitsin, a member of Russian Union of Painters, the Newspaper of MVD Academy, 1994).
"The state of nature and light of her pictures are always special, unstable: between the heat and the cold, between sun and rain. Sun is already covered with a cloud, but the flowers still warm in its beams. Pink and light blue colors near always present or are implied..."
(Nonna Zajtseva, "Vechernaja Moskva", 1995).
"... mostly, she paints landscapes - warm, light, gentle, elevating the spirit. Her vision of nature is reflected by the tenderest colors of pastel hues which bring about the feeling of freshness, clarity and touching of flowers, trees, herbs." The references on Elena Timakova's exhibitions contain the expressions like "radiant pictures", "light, clear colors", "light joy"... All these thawed ice-floes, green rich grass, spring streams give the quiet so necessary in this cruel world" (Marina Markova, "Narodnaya Gazeta", 1997).

At the estate "Chajka". 1998.

The majority of Elena Timakova's works are created in her dear place in the area of Tver, near the cottage "Chajka" (see the homepage of the cottage "Chajka").

If you would like to visit yourself the places of the artist's creative activity, please look at our tourist site (only in russian at the moment).

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